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Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Matthew 11:28-30 (NIV)

Church Tours.

Sun and Sandals Toursorganise Church tours and Christian Pilgrimages. Christian and spiritual pilgrimages, Biblical Tours and worldwide church group travel. Besides our set departures we can gladly tailor make proposals for Catholic Churches, Protestant Churches, Methodist Churches, Jesuit Churches, Charismatic Churches.

A church group travel experience is more than just a spiritual or Christian pilgrimage, it is an opportunity to strengthen the bonds of friendship and community. When your church group travels, you have an opportunity to expand your faith, share in worship, learn about the challenges faced by other congregations around the world and deepen your own personal faith.

Catholic Pilgrimages. Pilgrimage Tours provide a special opportunity for people to grow in their faith and deepen their knowledge of key places of devotion. True Catholic Pilgrimages journey with the giants of faith and our Catholic Tours bring groups to places once traveled by important Bible personalities. These spiritual pilgrimages allow you to walk with Christ on the road to Calvary, to stand in some of the very places where Peter and Paul proclaimed the truth of the resurrection. You are able to relive the Pentecost experience in the Upper Room or join with John the Baptist as he baptized Jesus in the River Jordan. Take a spiritual pilgrimage to Rome with Peter and Paul and visit the Mamertine Prison, the Forum and the Colosseum, as well as spend time in prayer at the tombs of St. Peter or St. Paul on your custom-designed Catholic Tour. Experience the unique benefits and fellowship of church group travel and design your spiritual pilgrimage today.

Protestant Tours. The Reformation can rightly be considered to be the turning point in the history of Western civilization, and there can be no more rewarding experience than studying firsthand the inspiring lives of the great reformers on your Christian pilgrimage. These heroes of faith were men of character who stood firmly for their convictions, and often suffered misunderstanding and persecution for them. All denominations can benefit from Casterbridge's specialized Christian pilgrimage programs that will enable everyone to have a deeper appreciation for the remarkable history of his or her own religious heritage. From Martin Luther to Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin to John Knox, George Fox to John Wesley, Casterbridge Tours has unequalled expertise in the diversity and depth of experience that can be offered for your Christian pilgrimage.

Come stand before the church in Wittenberg where Luther nailed his “95 Theses” to the door, or stand in the pulpit of Knox or Wesley. Thrill to the hymnody of Charles Wesley in the chapels of Methodism, or sit in the church of George Fox, founder of the Quakers. Journey to the heart of Scottish spiritual life, St. Andrews, as you learn about the nation’s ecclesiastical history. Alternatively, travel to John Calvin’s “shining city on a hill,” Geneva. We always aim to combine heritage visits with service or meetings with local congregations or the opportunity for your church choir to sing overseas during your Christian pilgrimage. Examine the evolution of the Church of England, or discover “The Great Cathedrals.”

Follow a chronological journey, beginning at the Abbey of Iona, or on Holy Island where the illuminated Lindisfarne Gospels were written and culminate with visits to Canterbury Cathedral and Westminster Abbey on your Christian pilgrimage. In doing so, gain a unique insight into ecclesiastical history and a greater appreciation of the artistic and architectural triumphs of the church through the ages.

Christian Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The Holy Land has been described as the crossroads where the three great religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam meet. Each year millions of pilgrims and church groups travel to the land of kings, prophets, and apostles and each person believes that their biblical tour of Israel is the most meaningful they have ever undertaken. Marvel at the breathtaking natural beauty of the land that produced the three great patriarchs of Judaism: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob on your biblical tour. Retrace the Exodus as you journey from the Nile into the desert. Stand in the very space where David confronted Goliath.



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