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Galatians 5:22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness (NIV)

Comprehensive Israel holy land tour 6 nights 02

Duration: 7 Days / 6 Nights Departure: Sun Pick up hotels: Tel Aviv 07:15 Arlozorov Terminal 07:45 Jerusalem 08:45 Finish Point: Return to pick up points.

Day 1 Dress regulation for visiting holy places applies. Enjoy the view on the capital of three religions from the Mount Scopus as did the Roman legionnaires and the Crusaders at their times. Our tour of holy places will help you to appreciate the views of Temple Mount, Mount Zion and the Citadel, also known as the Tower of David. Enjoy a walk through the Old City, UNESCO protected site since 1981; a comfortable stroll will take you by some of its famous gates and along part of its wall.

Wander the Jewish Quarter and enjoy the illustrious Roman Cardo. In the Armenian Quarter we will visit the sacred place for all Christians - The Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The Western Wall will not be missed out, the holiest place of Judaism that stands as the only reminder of the Holy Temple and is visited by thousands every day. Our tour will end in Jerusalem's Old City, by one of its eight gates. Continue the tour visiting "Yad Vashem" - the international center in commemoration of the Jewish Holocaust. (Excluding Sat. & Holidays) *View from the Mount Scopus may be replaced by view from the Mount Olives Highlights: Mount Scopus, Old City Gates, The Roman Cardo, Via Dolorosa, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Armenian Quarter, Jewish Quarter, The Wailing Wall, "Yad Vashem". Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 2 Bathing suit, towel, and hiking shoes suggested. Enjoy the wonders of Judean Desert the place where first settlers arrived during the Stone Age. Look at the subtle colors of this mountainous, historical trail on the route of human evolution. Visit "Ahava" center where you will find the healthiest treatments for your soul and body. Ride the cable car to the top of Masada - the ancient Herodian fortress - and learn about the tragedy of the Zealots, its last defenders. Spend some quality time at the famous Spa "Ein Gedi" and enjoy a unique experience of floating in the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, enjoying its mineral laden waters known for its recuperative powers. Dead Sea - Climatotherapy effectiveness: Medical and scientific research indicates that Dead Sea Climatotherapy is very effective in cases of Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis, Vitiligo and Mycosis Fungicides. Highlights: "Ahava" center, Massada, Ein Gedi Spa Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 3 This is your leisure day in Jerusalem. Besides exploring the city, shopping, dining, or simply wandering around choose between enjoying the ride on our double-decker bus and visiting the Israel Museum, free of charge. *Please inform us in advance about the activity of your choice. Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 4 Arrive at Nazareth- hometown of Jesus and one of the most sacred Christian places. Here stands the Church of the Annunciation that believed to be built at the exact place where Angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she would give birth to the Son of God. Driving through Cana of Galilee and following the trail of miracles we will arrive at Tabgha - the site of the Miracle of the Loaves and Fish. Then we will continue to Capernaum - remains of an ancient synagogue and a settlement that also said to be the place where Jesus lived. And as we are touring the area do not forget to enjoy panoramic view of the Sea of Galilee. From here we will continue to Safed - one of the four holy cities of Israel known for its rich history and mysticism. We will enjoy a walk in the city's charming Artist Colony. Driving through the beautiful landscapes of Hula Valley and enjoying the view we will arrive a kibbutz hotel, our final stop for the day.

Highlights: Nazareth, Church of the Annunciation, Tabgha, Church of the Miracle of the Loaves and Fish, Capernaum, See of Galilee, Safed. Overnight in a Galilee Kibbutz hotel Day 5 At the foot of Mount Hermon we will see remains of the ancient city of Banias. This National Park is a great combination of natural beauty and rich history and, of course, a magnificent panoramic view from the Golan Heights - overlooking the Sea of Galilee.

From Banias we will continue towards Katzrin, stopping on the way for a view on the ruins of the city of Kuneitra. Katzrin, the capital of Golan, is home to the famous Golan Winery where we will stop, to make your tour unforgettable. After visiting Katzrin we will continue to Mitzpe Shalom to enjoy breathtaking view on the Sea of Galilee. "Yardenit" will be the next stop on our route of Northern Israel; because of its religious significance this sacred Baptismal complex near the Sea of Galilee attracts tourists and pilgrims from all over the world. Driving through the scenic landscapes we will arrive at our last stop - Beit Shean, an active archeological dig of an ancient city, located in the enchanted Jordan River Valley. Highlights: Banias, Golan Heights, Mitzpe Shalom, Katzrin, view of Kuneitra, "Yardenit" Baptismal Complex, Beit Shean archeological site. Overnight in Tel Aviv

Day 6 Dress regulation for visiting holy places applies. Via Maris used to link Egypt with the northern parts of Syria and was one of the most important trade roads in the ancient times. Following the Roman Via Maris, experience the most exciting views, alongside the western shore of Israel. Visit Caesarea and watch a short movie that will take you on an enchanted voyage through the thrilling history of this Roman city built by Herod the Great.

Be fascinated by Caesarea's amphitheater, the Temple Platform, the Hippodrome and other precious archeological finds. Driving through Haifa, we will stop for a panoramic view from the Mount Carmel before we continue to Acre, city of crusaders that keeps its multi-cultural, architectural outfit since the times of Arab, Ottoman, and British rules until nowadays.

Acre's Old City and the Templars' Tunnel are the most prominent leaving evidence of vivacious life in medieval times. Rosh HaNikra is our last stop on the journey through ancient history. Besides being the Northwestern border with Lebanon and a significant part of Via Maris, Rosh HaNikra is famous for its grottoes created as a result of geological bond between rock and sea. Enjoy the breathtaking views and a cable car ride in this charming backdrop of Israel. Highlights: Caesarea Ancient City, Mount Carmel, Acre - Old City, Templar's Tunnel, Rosh HaNikra, Israel-Lebanon Border. Overnight in Tel Aviv area

Day 7 Free for shopping and relaxation. Option: Transportation to Ben Gurion Airport.


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