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With over 40 years experience in tourism and travel, we acknowledge our passion for the Word of God, our dedication to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and the need for Christians living in a busy, frenetic and fallen world to spend time with Him.

We are not your average "travel agent" or tour operator. Our top manager has a post graduate degree in Christian Theology including a Master's Degree.

In all of our church tours, pilgrimages and spiritual trips we try to ensure that our pilgrims spend more time reflecting, praying and getting to know the setting where Jesus walked, talked and healed. We also cater for school groups and have organised school trips to Israel and Egypt for schools in South Africa. Our destinations include Israel, Turkey, Jordan, Greece, France and Italy. We have a site deciated to pilgrimages and offer packages here as a sample of previous itineraries.

For Christian couples we also offer wedding blessing ceremonies in Canaan or Jerusalem.

The ancient practice of pilgrimage—a journey taken for spiritual enrichment—is being rediscovered by Christians around the world. In the past, such trips often took many months and entailed great physical risk. Today’s pilgrimages may be taken by airplane or car, but the goal is the same as that of seekers trudging down a deserted path centuries ago: like them, we set out on the road to hear the voice of God more clearly, hoping that as we journey our hearts may be opened and our souls healed.

We offer Christian Pilgrimages for Catholics, Methodists, Non - Denominational Christians, Baptists and Charismatics.

When Christians go on pilgrimage they travel somewhere that is special to their faith. It might be to places written about in the Bible, such as where Jesus and the early Christians lived. It may be a place where a miracle once happened or a saint is buried. Often the journey itself matters as much as being at the special place, because it gives the ‘pilgrim’ – the person on the journey – time to pray and think. Destinations include the Holy Land - Israel and Jordan, Turkey, Greece as well as to healing sites such as Lourdes.

Pilgrimage is an important part of spiritual life for many Christians. By taking the time to go on pilgrimage, people can leave behind everyday concerns from back home and spend time in the presence of God as they travel to a place with special meaning. People have always gone on pilgrimage for many reasons – perhaps to say sorry to God for something they had done wrong (penance), or because they were ill and wanted God to heal them. They might be looking for an answer to a problem or difficulty, or they might be looking for peace or healing. Over the years, places have become special for different reasons, and Christians decide to visit them to become closer to God in these special places.

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